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Our Story
Born on the balmy beaches of the Yucatan in 2005 serving tacos out of a VW bus, Tacombi is a hospitality company focused on sharing its love of Mexican taco culture through neighborhood taquerias.
From the beach to a brand
VW Kombi bus
We purchased a 1963 VW Kombi bus in Mexico City and drove it (slowly, very slowly) through the Yucatan to Playa del Carmen. We pulled out the engine, sold the transmission, and began converting it into a taco-slinging machine. The original green Tacombi has since slipped into a new lick of paint and is now comfortably parked in and used for events.
Playa del Carmen
Over the next 2 years Tacombi opened 2 locations in Playa del Carmen, one of which was cozily nestled between the night clubs on the busy "Calle 12". The buses were serving traditional tacos, tortas and aguas frescas to tourists and locals.
Tacombi headed to New York City
Tacombi headed to New York City to start searching, street by street, for the perfect parking spot from which to share authentic Mexican taco culture with New York.
Tacombi Nolita on Elizabeth Street
With very little more than a dream, some great people and a lot of hard work, Tacombi opens its flagship restaurant, Tacombi Nolita, on Elizabeth street. The restaurant was met with tremendous reviews despite not being able to secure a liquor license! The lack of ice cold beer forced us to make sure that the tacos were as good as they could be and that the service matched.
After a year of operation, Tacombi Nolita received its beer and wine license
After a year of operation, Tacombi Nolita received its beer and wine license helping to bring even more people into the restaurant allowing us to share our love for Mexican food culture with an ever growing audience. Tacombi also begins investing in its team to carry the team into a new period of growth in order to continue developing and telling the Tacombi story.
La Brisa
In the summer of 2013 Tacombi had the opportunity to bring the band back to it's beachside roots and open a new location, La Brisa, in the small fishing, beaching and surf community of Montauk, NY. Generations of Montauk fishermen have ensured the availability of some of the freshest local fish available to New York. La Brisa takes advantage of this by highlighting the local catch and using it to share the traditional coastal recipes of Mexico.
Tacombi Flatiron
With a new focus on building a team to deliver old-world "Mexican hospitality," offer a higher level of food and service, and continue to tell the Tacombi story, we opened Tacombi Flatiron. The restaurant is a traditional Mexico City-style cafe and dining room offering coffee from Veracruz, fresh pastries, made-to-order Mexican juices and our best tacos yet. Everything is made from scratch with sustainably sourced ingredients, including the corn and flour tortillas that roll out all day long from an on-site tortilleria.
West Village
Tacombi opens it’s 4th neighborhood taqueria on a busy corner in the West Village sharing the brand with a new group of excited customers. We further refined our menu to focus on quality, sourcing, authenticity and guest enjoyment.
Vista Hermosa
We refined and expanded the production of our organic, nixtamalized tortillas to satisfy the needs of our growing taquerias. We began working with Whole Foods and great local New York City grocery chains to supply fresh tortillas daily for retail sale.
We open our 5th and largest location in the Empire State Building. The iconic landmark has allowed us to share our brand and story with new global audience and large brands headquartered in the area.
Crispy Fish
Our hot and crispy Baja-style fish taco has always been a Tacombi favorite and best-seller among our loyal fans. New York Magazine pops in to try it and names Tacombi's "The Absolute Best" fish taco.
Production Facility
To expand production, distribution and ensure consistency of the highest quality product, we built and opened a new production facility for Vista Hermosa tortillas. With the new space we have been able to grow the Vista Hermosa brand with strong customer loyalty grocery stores throughout the North East region.
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