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Our Food Philosophy
As a Mexican company founded on the beaches of the Yucatan, the Tacombi food philosophy is a reflection of a long and rich cultural heritage. We believe we have a responsibility to our guests and our employees to preserve and share Mexico’s culinary traditions — and to do it sustainably with local, organic ingredients free of antibiotics, hormones and additives.
Vista Hermosa
Vista Hermosa
Our mission is to provide healthy, nutritious and authentic food that keeps the culinary traditions of Mexico alive. Tacombi believes that the tortilla, used for centuries in Mexico, not only holds food together but enhances the flavor so we take great care in producing fresh corn tortillas everyday free of additives & preservatives.
Photo of La Antiqua Café Logo
La Antigua
Since it's introduction in the late 1800's coffee has become an integral part of Mexican food culture and it is now one of their most valuable export crops. Coffee culture runs deepest where the beans grow the best -- in Veracruz and Chiapas -- and is where we source our beans for "La Antigua" coffee.
Lupita is Tacombi's proprietary brand of in-house natural sodas, aguas frescas, jugos y curativos (healing recipes). It has become a way for us to offer our guests the fresh slice of Mexican daily life full of the natural colors, flavors and abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables found all over Mexico.
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